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I just got a new computer this fall and of course had to customize it.  My other computer, god rest its soul, had Indigo Girls themes, screensavers, wavs, etc., but I got tired of that. My new computer is all Xena, all the time.  I have tried most of the screensavers, themes, backgrounds and the like and have been pleased with just about all of them.  If you want to be the coolest kid on the block, these are the sites for you.

This page was last updated on Saturday, February 12, 2000

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CBANNER.gif (34648 bytes) I haven't had time to check out the screensavers yet (I try them all out, eventually) but there are several to choose from and they at least look really interesting. I'll fill you in as I find out. The desktop pictures are great, and come in different sizes for maximum quality. I love it! I use Win98 which has a "stretch" function for pictures that are too small to cover the entire screen at the size they come in, but the pixels always show. These pics eliminate that problem.  Check it out!
SXPBanner1.jpg (14034 bytes) So far, this site has the absolute best screensavers I've found. They take up a lot of room but the graphics and the sound are just awesome. I like to rotate through different screensavers every few weeks or so because I have a short attention-span, but these lasted longer than any of the others. Be sure to check out the other great features of this site.
txp_banner.gif (4742 bytes) Tom seems to have it all, and his themes and screensavers are sublime, plus he puts in links to other great places to find screensavers and themes and backgrounds and the like.  This is my favorite site despite the annoying server time out request message I get two out of three times when I try to visit.
wpmbanner2.gif (4260 bytes) I must say that I am impressed by this site's selection of desktop wallpaper.  Not only is there wallpaper with Xena, Gabrielle, the two together, Gabrielle and Joxer, and much much more, but each one comes in three different resolution sizes! These are beautiful and the site owner promises to update often. A must have for all Xena fans!