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I'm making money while surfing...

There are many different programs on the internet that pay you for surfing. I've listed a few of the ones I belong to here, along with a link to their sites. These are legitmate money-earning sites, and best of all, free to sign up for.


I joined AllAdvantage  just on a whim.  I mean, who can pass up the temptation to make money by surfing the web?  After all, I spend a lot of time looking up sites to add to my Xena page, or doing research for classes, and getting cash for it is a sweet deal.
The real money comes from referring people.  If you join using my referral number (clicking on the banner up top will automatically refer you to my account), it  will not only set you up to make money but it will add to my own income as well(with no cost to you).  Then, when you refer other people, you start making a commission on them.
The best part about this system is that it is absolutely free.  They don't ask you for start-up cash or any other kind of monetary investment.  All you have to do is download a toolbar that sits at the bottom of your browser and flashes banner ads from various web sites while you surf. You can minimize the bar, but then it doesn't log any time for you.  I found it a little distracting at first, but now I am used to it, and even better, I've found some good web sites from having it here.
I belong to several other web money-makers, but I won't add them to this site until I am sure they pay. I've been paid! Whoohoo! I got a real check that didn't bounce, and now I'm getting referrals and it does help, really! Sign up today, and don't forget to use my referral number. EOZ-118. If you click through the banner on this site you'll become my referral and make me very happy. AllAdvantage is, in my opinion, the best system out there to date.

This program asks that you set your browser to a specific start page that tracks your visits to that page.  You get paid fifty cents for every ten hits with a limit to ten hits a day, so basically around $15 a month. That's not bad for doing nothing more than viewing their customized start page every time you open up your browser!  They have a referral program, so the more people you get to sign up using your referral number, the more money you make!  Please, click on the banner I've provided and sign up now! You won't regret it!

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