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Don't know who Salmoneous is? Confused about Gabrielle's Sais? Visit the Encyclopedia Xenaica!

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About two years ago, I was online searching for Xena pictures and sites for someone who was making a website and wanted to include at least one picture from Xena, which was her favorite show.   I came across a site with poetry about Xena and Gabrielle--my first encounter with Xena fanfiction.  I used to write fanfiction of my own about Star Wars and Airwolf (remember that blast from the past?). Anyway, as to the Xena fiction, most of it didn't appeal to me, but I remember one poem being much better than all the rest and I bookmarked it to go back to again and again.  Well, since then I've read many stories and poems about the characters from the show.  Many of them are subtext stories or poetry, focusing on the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. I happen to be one of the few die-hard fans who doesn't believe that Xena and Gabrielle are anything but best friends, but the more I watch the show as it slides into the fifth season, the more I wonder.  Anyway, for those of you who can't get enough of Xena:Warrior Princess, here are the best and the rest of the fanfiction sites I could find. 
Now Accepting Fanfiction for This Site
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This page last updated on Saturday, February 19, 2000

Sharoane's Fanfic Collection Yes, folks, I just got my first fanfic submission! I only have one story so far, and it's a subtext-made-erotic-maintext, but I hope to soon have more stories of all different Xena and Gabrielle genres.  While subtext stories are indeed welcome (and popular in the Xenaverse) I do encourage writers to send me some non-erotic fiction as well! Thanks!
athena2.gif (24287 bytes) This site has a huge index of fanfiction from all over the web, listed by catagory and by alphabetical order. It even has a search box for quick navigation.  The graphics are few, the colors nice, and the site loads pretty quickly. All in all, a great site and worth visiting again and again.
Lynka's Xena Page This is a cool site with a lot of fanfiction in different catagories. You can also find fan art, links, and the Xena Weight Loss Program and mailing list. No joke.
another season five.JPG (10439 bytes) Imagine an entire season of Xena episodes that never actually aired, taking off from season four.  It is almost like living in an alternate Xenaverse.  The scripts on this page are really interesting and true to the characters of the show. This is not an erotic Xena site, although you can find the same amount of subtext here as in the actual show's scripts. I highly recommend this site.
viewban2aida.jpg (11488 bytes) I've been getting some requests to list sites that have non-erotic fiction on them, ones that aren't totally based on subtext--well, folks, this site delivers. You can find stories about actual Xena and Gabrielle adventures, oh joy!  This site is very complete and I suggest that you look at something besides fanfic!
shadowfenban.jpg (6339 bytes) This site has a very complete index of Xena fanfiction that is listed in alphabetical order and topic and by season, with an alphabetical listing of authors, and links to other sites.  Check out the images inspired by fanfic as well...Lucy Lawless as Mel in a tux is something else...anyway, a must-have site for the fanfic fanatic!
subtextbanner.jpg (8372 bytes) This is a great site for fans of Xena/Gabrielle subtext stories, and then some.  I found an interesting tale of Xena/Callisto subtext, and lots of other stuff worth checking out, including some good episode guides/reviews from a subtext point of view.  I have a feeling that this season is going to add to their fun.
tomsxena.jpg (3408 bytes) I wasn't kidding when I said that this site has it all.  Tom has a pretty extensive index of fanfiction and updates it quite often.  I don't know where he finds the aware that you will get a server request timeout message about a third of the time you try to visit his site, but be patient, it's worth the wait.

Jane's X:WP Alternative
Fan Fiction

This site has a huge index of fanfiction, enough to boggle the mind. This is lesbian-oriented fiction, so yes, it's subtext.   You can find both stories and poetry there, and it is all organized alphabetically.
mischifban.JPG (13463 bytes) This is another subtext site with a decent amount of titles. It's not currently being updated much, but I'd check back in from time to time if I were you to see what else is coming in.
rustyban2.gif (16899 bytes) Rusty's fanfic section is called "darkside" and is very extensive, with catagories such as alternative fiction, general fiction, poetry, and more. A great fanfic resource! Check out THIS story on her site that will have you howling with laughter!
Merwolf's FanFiction There is a lot of stories on this site, and they look mostly subtext and uber fiction. I've heard from various sources that this is a pretty good place, so enjoy!

The Moonlit Alternative Xena Reading Corner

This site holds a lot of subtext, uber-Xena, and other types of alternative Xena fiction, but it seems to have a good amount. I haven't actually read any of it, so let me know what you think!
Muzza's Fan Fiction This is a nice little fanfic site with a variety of different types of stories...but yes, it's mostly subtext. Again, I haven't had a chance to go and read any of the stories, so if anyone feels like dropping me a review, I'd appreciate it.