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Now that Xena: Warrior Princess is in its fifth season, it's also in syndication on USA Television, sometimes.  You used to be able to catch an episode pretty much every evening, except Sundays, until some royal smartperson at USA decided that Baywatch was a better choice, even though it is already on later in the evening.  This decision was probably made by the same people who are now running ads for "breast augmentation surgery" because we girls don't feel self-confident enough unless we have at least a C cup, or something to that effect.   If you are as insulted by all this as I am, e-mail USA and tell them. The address is and they promise that they'll forward the info you send them to the appropriate place. If I can get a snail mail address, I'll post here as well.

This site was last updated on Friday, November 26, 1999

USA NETWORK USA has the listings for the syndicate re-runs that USED to be on every evening until someone decided that Baywatch was more appealing. PLEASE. If you are as annoyed as I am that Xena is no longer on weeknights, e-mail USA at and let them know just how you feel.
txp_banner.gif (4742 bytes) Tom happens to have the episode listings for the fifth season up at his site. Keep in mind that some of us watch the new Xena episodes on Saturdays rather than Mondays.