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Just saw Gabrielle's haircut for the first time? Wondering why Xena looks so plump? Visit the Encyclopedia Xenaica and find out!

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I hope that you find this page useful enough that you'll bookmark it and come back from time to time, as I promise to update it as often as I can. Right now, I'm a senior in college and I am pretty busy, so I can't guarentee that I'll be by daily to check up on all my links and add more sites, but it is safe to assume that I'll be here at least once a week to make sure that this site remains useful. I hope that you will feel inspired to make your own Xena and Gabrielle site, and if you do (or if you already have one) that you'll put in a link to me.   Here are a few banners that I made for your convienence, but if you want to make your own, that's cool, too.  I'm grateful for any kind of link. Send me an e-mail and I'll link back to your page, too.

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Sharban.jpg (6153 bytes) If you are using Frontpage or some such editor, just save this image to your hard drive and then add it to your page, making sure that you then save it to your web site directory. Make sure it is linked to and it should link okay.
linkyouneed.jpg (9930 bytes) Again, make sure you save this image, and link to the above URL for the best results.  I'll add the HTML code for these links in the near future, but it's like linking to any image.  If you get that annoying blue line around your image, add a line of code in the image properties that says border="0" right after the width and height of the image, and the blue line will go away.
everysite.jpg (13028 bytes) I like having a variety of banners to choose from, especially because the bigger banners tend to take up more space and sometimes that's just not practical. Other times, I want the biggest, best banner I can come up with...hopefully I'll be adding more in the near future.