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An episode guide is a listing of every episode by season, often with a brief description of the story.  Some sites offer reviews and ratings, as well, and a select few also include some kind of indication of subtext.  This page should guide you through the best--and the rest--of the sites that include episode guides.  Ep guides are handy when you are looking at episode listings and trying to figure out if you've seen that episode before or not. Enjoy! 

This site was last updated on Friday, November 26, 1999

gerryxbanner.gif (12356 bytes) This site has some of the most up-to-date and complete episode guides I've seen so far, and very attractively done, as well. There are many other fine aspects of these pages besides the guides, so check it all out.
CBANNER.gif (34648 bytes) From what I can tell, this site seems fairly new, so I'm assuming that it will fatten up in time. However, it has the most complete episode guides this side of Rusty's site right up to season five, with brief summaries containing enough info to remind the average viewer of what the episode is about without giving the story away to the new Xenite who hasn't seen all of the episodes yet. The site is well-done and quite striking, and deserves a good look around.
rustyban2.gif (16899 bytes) Rusty's episode guides are the best I've found, listed by season and in order of their broadcast dates, and rated for quality and subtext.  They include a short summary of the episode, and a review for each one--some of them are hysterical, all of them are thoughtful.
donnatelloban.JPG (6970 bytes) Not only does this site have episode guides with a nice, short summary and the disclaimer that appears at the end of each episode, but it also has the names of the upcoming season five episodes.  Obviously extremely up-to-date!
gabepguide.jpg (9439 bytes) These are pretty extensive, with lengthy summaries of each episode, obviously colored by the author of the page. You at least get a good sense of what was going on in each episode.  Check out the picture archive at this site, too.



axbanner3.jpg (8206 bytes) I found nice, tidy episode guides for the fourth season here, and I'm assuming that there will eventually be some for the latest season.  Good site all around and worth checking out.
subtextbanner.jpg (5344 bytes) This site has a subtext guide to season four with wav files from each episode to back up where there was subtext. If you go for this sort of thing, these guides/reviews are for you!

Allyson's Xena:Warrior Princess Page

This site has some episode guides with reviews, scattered throughout the first four seasons of the show.  Nice pictures at the top of the review pages, too.