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Sharon and Lyss's Big Adventure

Or, how we started living the lesbian american dream


Once upon a time, we lived in a cramped, tiny two bedroom apartment...

And then, one day, as if by magic, we received a phone call.
Alyssa's parents had put their house on the market the previous fall and had a new one built.  They soon realized their house wasn't going to sell--there was too much new construction and too many other disgruntled homeowners bailing out because of said new construction and so no one wanted a house with a shaggy yard and two-toned siding in desperate need of updating.  They offered to let us rent the house for cheap with the option to buy.  We thought about it for a couple of days and within a month we were there.
I think every lesbian couple secretly wants the house with a yard, some pets and maybe a child or two.  So far, we're almost there.  Join us on our journey. It's sometimes a little nuts, but we often had a pretty good time.