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So far, all I have to offer is this one story, but as time goes on I hope to have more and more submissions for my fanfic site, including some stuff I write myself. I will do my best to sort stories  into subtext/maintext and then down from there into action/adventure or drama or comedy, and so on.

I don't claim to have read or endorsed any stories that I put on this site, though I certainly do plan on at least reading them. Even the subtext stories, which are not my favorite (but it's fun to see different people's conception of what lesbian sex is like). Proceed to the subtext/erotic fanfic at your own risk and only if you are over 18/21 (depending on the laws where you live) yadda yadda yadda. If you don't like a story, fine...don't read it again. I don't censor unless something is so unintelligible that I can't understand it. For more information about submitting a piece for this site, or to ask questions, leave comments, or to just say hi, e-mail me at and I'll get back to you!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!


By Apollo